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Quilting Sewing Machine Manufacturer

Welcome to Chishing, where we have 24 years as a professional quilting sewing machine supplier in China. When it comes to manufacturing different products used in everyday life, different machines are needed, which is why we provide a variety of mechanical sewing machines, digitally controlled quilting sewing machines (at 64, 94, 110 and 128 inches respectively), economical quilting machines, multi-needle quilting machines, embroidery machines and bobbin winders. With a number of models and types, it’s no wonder companies such as Vera Bradley, Beyond, and Mendale come to us for sewing equipment. Each industrial sewing machine is CE certified, and backed by customer approval of their reliable performances, easy and safe operations, high efficiency, and high quality stitching. Don’t see something that appeals to you? We also provide customized machines. Please visit the web pages or contact us directly to learn more.
Main Products
    1. Mechanical Quilting Sewing Machine

      This mechanical textile machine is a quilting sewing machine designed with a mechanical control system. This industrial quilting machine can make various patterns, including lines, arcs and more, and is commonly used to manufacture bedding, clothing, hand bags, insteps, decorative materials and more.

    1. 64 Inch Quilting Sewing Machine

      As a computerized quilting sewing machine, this 64 inch quilting sewing machine is easy to use to program patterns into and is suitable for processing cloth fabrics no wider than 1.6 meters. With 2 available models, it is mainly used in the production of hand bags and clothing.

    1. 94 Inch Quilting Sewing Machine

      The 94 inch quilting sewing machine is a digital control quilting sewing machine designed to process cloth and other fabrics no wider than 2.4 meters, and is commonly used to make mattresses, sofas, bedclothes, air-conditioning quilts and other decorative objects.

    1. 128 Inch Quilting Sewing Machine

      This quilting machine is applicable for processing home textile products including non-slip mats, fabric cushions, leather sofa covers, other sofa covers, and mattresses, bed clothes, down feather quilts, mattress covers, and indoor decorative items.

    1. Multi Needle Quilting Machine

      As an established industrial sewing machine supplier, we have provided customers premium mechanical quilting sewing machines, standard digitally controlled quilting sewing machines and several multi-needle quilting machines.

    1. Bobbin Winder

      With its advanced design, laconic structure, and a long service life, this highly automated sewing tool can replace thread and cut tails automatically. It is applicable for use with 7# or 10# shuttles and is commonly used in the production of clothing, suitcases, hats and more.